Managing Assets in Experiences

After adding assets to your experience, you can edit attributes about your assets before rendering them to create a viewable experience.

Edit Metadata

In this example, we will edit a Blazers image sequence that is lacking audio and is labeled with the incorrect stereo format.  Click on the information icon to bring up the metadata panel on the right side.

Change the Stereo type by clicking the corresponding Change button, and use the drop-down to select your desired setting.  In this case, the image sequence is not Mono, but Stereo Top/Bottom.

Similarly, you can change the title of your video.

Add or change the audio file attached to the video or image sequence by clicking Select Audio in the Audio section of the metadata.  Audio files can be uploaded using the Pixvana SPIN Uploader.

Now your Blazers video has the right settings with Stereo Top/Bottom and audio attached!  This asset is ready for rendering.


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