Creating a SPIN Studio Experience

SPIN Studio Experiences are collections of VR media, which can be viewed using the SPIN Play application in your headset or on the web.

When logged in to Pixvana SPIN Studio, click Create Experience.

Create a title for your experience and click Create.

In your new SPIN Studio Experience, add videos from your assets library.  If you have no assets yet, use the SPIN Studio Uploader to upload video and audio content.

You can select multiple assets to add them to your experience all at once.

Once your videos are added, you will see they are labeled with their base format.  In this case, there are 3 videos.  The next step is to render them in Pixvana's OPF format by clicking Render in the top right.

You can choose whether to render them in an equirectangular or frustum projections.  Start the render to convert the assets in the experience to Pixvana's OPF format, which can be read by Pixvana SPIN Player.

Once finished, the assets will be labeled with the OPF icon and their projection shape.

Your experience is finished!  From here, you can preview the videos, export them to Steam, and share the experience with your friends.


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