SPIN Upload User Guide

Pixvana SPIN Upload is an application that lets you send VR media (video and audio) content to your SPIN Studio account. It will only take you a minute to get it installed and working on your desktop.

System Requirements

SPIN Upload runs on both Mac OS and Windows 10. Here are the recommended specifications to install the application.


OS: Windows 10 or newer

Processor: 1.1 GHz Intel Core M or better

Memory: 4 GB RAM

Storage: 90 MB of available space


OS: 10.11.5 or newer

Processor: 1.1 GHz Intel Core M or better

Memory: 4 GB RAM

Storage: 285 MB of available space


Download the app from the Pixvana website or from the SPIN Studio interface. For Windows, simply double-click the installer, authorize the installation, and the app will be place a shortcut on your desktop. For Mac OS, drag the application icon from the disk image onto the Applications folder shortcut or directly into your Applications folder in the Finder.

Sign in

The first step to copying media to your account on the SPIN Studio cloud service is to sign in to the SPIN Upload app. You should use the same email and password that you were sent when you first signed up on



Once you login, you can drag and drop files onto the interface to add files to the upload queue.

SPIN Upload has just a few displays to show you progress as the upload happens.


  1. Account. At the top right, the app shows the current account name.
  2. File Queue. Each file that you drop in the Upload app immediately starts transmitting to the cloud. Name and files size is listed on the left. When the process is finished a check box appears. While the upload is in process, a small circle fills to show completion.
  3. Add File. This message notifies you that you can add more files to the queue.
  4. Upload Status. When file uploads complete, the upload status updates to show the number of remaining files out of the total files in the queue. The bottom of the window also shows an overall progress bar.
  5. Clear queue. You can remove finished queue items from the display by clicking on the Clear button.

Once items are complete, you can return to the SPIN Studio web app and open the Assets tab to verify that the files are in your account.

App Notes

Warnings. The app will warn you if you attempt to quit while the upload queue has uncompleted items.

Disk Requirements. The app separates the file into smaller segments 1-10 seconds in length to make sure the file can be efficiently stored and processed on SPIN Studio. To run the segmenting process, the file must be copied. So to upload a 1 GB file will require another 1 GB of disk space to accommodate the segmenting. Once the upload is complete the segmented copy will be deleted.


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