Playing and Sharing Experiences in HMDs

After rendering an experience, you can launch the experience you've created in a VR head-mounted device (HMD).

Launching an Experience in your HMD

First, you will need to download and install the Pixvana SPIN Play from Steam.  In SPIN Studio, go to the top level Experiences page and hover over your experience.  Click on VR Access.

In the VR Access dialogue, click Launch in VR to see the experience in your headset.


Sharing VR Experiences

Click on the second tab in the VR Access dialogue from the top level Experiences page.  A special link is generated that you can share with friends and family to view your experience!  In order to play your experience, the recipient will need to download and install the Pixvana SPIN Play from Steam.

Use the Copy button or manually highlight and copy the link to share it.  You can test the link in your own headset by simply clicking the Launch in VR button to the right.

Clicking the Revoke Access Code button will disable the current link and refresh the link field with a new one.  The experience will no longer play for anyone using the previous link.


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