Previewing Individual VR Videos

In Pixvana SPIN Studio, you can preview your VR videos right in your browser.

Once you upload your video, Pixvana SPIN Studio will create a quick Low Res Preview render of your video in just a few minutes!

Note: the preview will be rendered in the Equirectangular projection.  Stereo videos will be rendered as they are framed in the equirect shape and will not look correct in the headset.  Subsequent renders of stereo video done by the user, however, will be rendered correctly for the headset.


Previewing in the browser is only supported in Google Chrome.

Previewing a VR Video

Once you've uploaded a video and Pixvana has finished the preview render, hover over one of your videos and click on the preview icon.

This will launch the web player in your browser.  Click and drag to see all different angles of the video.  You can change the streaming bitrate using the menu in the bottom right.



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