How do I control playback?


SPIN Play supports a wide variety of devices to control the browsing and playing of experiences in headset.

The current player works with the touch controllers that ship with the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift headsets, including the Vive controllers, Oculus Touch, Xbox One, and Oculus Remote. 

Controller Overview


Each headset has a different mapping and control scheme that is designed to feel natural for the device that you have in hand. The SPIN Play app maps select, direction and return commands to two buttons and the directional pads.


In headset, you can select content to play from a gallery using the following controls:

Vive: Press the trigger
Oculus Touch: Press button one 'A' (right)
Xbox One: Press button one 'A'
Oculus Remote: Press center button

This button will also pause and play the video once the VR video is selected.

Direction and Skip

To move to a new item or skip forward or back during play the app maps this action to the touchpad or thumbsticks.

Vive: Press the touchpad face button right to move/skip forward, left to move/skip backward
Oculus Touch: Press either thumbstick right or left to move/skip forward or backward
Xbox One: Press any of the directional pad right to move/skip forward, left to move/skip backward
Oculus Remote: Press directional pad right to move/skip forward, left to move/skip backward

Note that skip action during playback will skip forward or backwards 10 seconds.


To return to the menu, the player maps the action to a secondary button.

Vive: Press the menu button above the touchpad
Oculus Touch: Press button two 'B' (right)
Xbox One: Press button two 'B'
Oculus Remote: Press back/return button

Keyboard Controls

If you are demoing content with a user running SPIN Play in the headset, you can select and control the system using the keyboard. 

Spacebar: Selects buttons/UI elements and pauses/plays a video.
Backspace: Return from a video to the thumbnails or returns to playback.
Up arrow/down arrow (or page up/page down): page up/down through thumbnails.
Right arrow/left arrow: Skip 10 seconds backwards/forwards while playing a video.
Esc: Exits from the applications


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